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Imagine having a drug testing provider that you can actually reach when you have a question. At IHSN, Customer Service is our first priority.  We are dedicated to keeping your business long term by providing you exceptional service and value. Other companies promise great service, but IHSN delivers it!  Give us a call at (800) 880-4444. We would be happy to discuss our services with you.

Dedicated Client Services Team

Customer Service is our first priority at IHSN. Our dedicated and friendly client services team has the experience and expertise to help guide you through the intricacies of the testing process. Each of our team members has completed extensive training on testing procedures and regulations. Our staff has the knowledge and resources to answer your questions and fulfill your service requests professionally, efficiently and in accordance with applicable regulations. This commitment to excellence is carried throughout every aspect of our services. Many companies promise quality service, but IHSN delivers it!

In House MRO Services

Many drug testing providers outsource their Medical Review Officer (MRO) work to other companies.  IHSN has our own in house MRO.  What does this mean for you? Better service, faster results and money saved!

IHSN is not dependent upon other service providers to deliver timely results to you.  You can be confident knowing that the IHSN team members you know and trust are providing all of your services and that your testing will be handled in accordance with industry best practices and DOT regulations when applicable.

Collection Site Coordination

Many companies define collection site referral and set-up services as giving you the name and phone number of a collection site from a database listing or directing you to a web site to search for a site in your area. Then it is up to you to call and make all the arrangements with the site for services.

At IHSN, collection site referral and account setup services means that WE set the site up for you.  We get on the phone and talk to local collection sites in your designated areas.  We qualify the collection sites to ensure that they perform the service you require.  We then establish your account at the site, arrange for testing supplies to be shipped to you or your sites, and follow up to make sure that everything is set up properly.

Random Selection Services

IHSN's random selection service was designed based upon feedback from our clients. From the ground up, every aspect of our random selection service was designed with you in mind.  From our friendly random list reminders that make updating your employee list a breeze, to our comprehensive progress reports that help you get your testing done on time, our random selection procedures are designed to make your life easier.


IHSNews & On-Line Resource Center
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"IHSNews", IHSN's monthly newsletter, keeps you informed of new regulations, best practices, deadlines and other key information to keep your drug testing program running smoothly. Our online resource center offers free regulation and compliance tools to help you with your program management. This "clients only" area of our web site is filled with DOT regulations, interpretive guidance, frequently asked questions, common forms and guides, current and past issues of our newsletter and much, much, more - all online, and available for IHSN clients 24 hours a day.

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