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What Are the Benefits of Drug Testing?

Drug-free workplace programs can have both short-term and long-term benefits.  Employers who have drug-free workplace programs report significant benefits:

Short-Term Benefits

  • Cost savings and incentive programs offered by
    -- Medical and health insurance carriers
    -- Property, casualty, and liability insurance carriers
    -- Workers' Compensation insurance carriers

  • Less chance that a current user/abuser will apply for a job or be hired.

  • Ability to respond quickly when problems with alcohol or other drug abuse arise

  • Fewer accidents

  • Fewer disciplinary actions

  • Reduced losses due to absenteeism, theft, and fraud


Long-Term Benefits

  • Improved employee morale and productivity

  • Lower costs due to losses and errors

  • Reduced costs of insurance claims

  • Greater employee awareness about alcohol and other drug abuse as well as other health issues

  • Earlier identification and resolution of problems affecting job performance

  • Decreased legal costs

  • Decreased costs of hiring and training new employees.


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