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Program Details

IHSN’s Premier Service Program

IHSN’s Premier Service Program is a full service model designed for employers who want a comprehensive solution for their drug and alcohol testing program needs. This service package is ideal for employers who want the assistance and experience of knowledgeable staff to coordinate their testing services and assist with the administration of their program. This service package goes the extra mile and is an excellent option for:


  • Employers who have little experience with drug testing

  • Employers who are implementing a testing program for the first time

  • Small employers who do not have the resources to devote significant staff time to the coordination of their testing program 

  • Employers who want to outsource as much of their program services as possible

  • Employer’s who want the peace of mind of knowing that assistance with complex regulation and compliance issues is just a phone call away

  • Employers who need ongoing assistance with regulation and compliance issues


IHSN’s Premier Service package includes such value added services as DOT Regulatory and Program Compliance Assistance, Collection Site Location and Account Set-Up Services, IHSN’s Premier Specimen Status Tracking & Expedited Result Reporting, Regular Customer Service Calls and Account Review, Over-The-Road Collection Site Set-up Services, & Access to IHSN’s on-line Regulation and Compliance Resource Center.


Program Details
Clients who enroll in our Premier Service program receive the following superior quality and value added service package:

IHSN Services Guide

Upon enrollment each IHSN client receives our valuable IHSN Services Guide. Our IHSN Services Guide provides:


  • An introduction to our service program,

  • Answers to your common service questions,

  • A listing of your designated service providers (Lab, MRO & collection sites),

  • Program Management Resources,

  • Sample Forms,

  • Sample Company Policy Information, and

  • Tabbed sections for you to store your service contracts and copies of our monthly newsletter, IHSNews.


This handy ring-bound guidebook is divided into convenient tabbed sections for easy reference and convenient storage of your important program documents.

Laboratory and MRO Services
IHSN makes using or changing to our services a snap by making all the arrangements for establishing your laboratory testing and Medical Review Officer (MRO) accounts. IHSN will set-up your account with one of our contracted top quality SAMHSA certified labs and open your MRO services account with our  MRO Services Department. IHSN also takes care of ordering and arranging for the laboratory to ship the initial supply of drug testing materials directly to you or to each of your designated collection sites, making a change to IHSN services a breeze!

Test Panel
DOT clients who enroll in our Premier Service program receive the DOT mandated 5-panel drug screen. Non-DOT employers receive their choice of Non-DOT testing panels. Employers can select our standard Non-DOT 5, 7, or 10 panel test or request a custom test panel. Our standard Non-DOT 5-panel drug screen tests for THC/Marijuana, Cocaine, Amphetamines/Methamphetamines, Opiates and PCP.

Rapid Result Reporting
IHSN understands that drug test results cannot come too soon. Your company’s critical personnel and operations decisions depend on them. Our MRO Services Department, is dedicated to providing the rapid, top quality service you need. Negative test results are generally reported the next business day following specimen collection, provided the collector ships the sample  and faxes the MRO a copy of the custody and control form the day of collection. Positive lab test results are handled immediately upon receipt from the laboratory ensuring minimal wait times for your MRO verified result.

Specimen Collection Supplies
IHSN provides all specimen collection supplies needed for drug testing including:


  • Specimen collection and bottle containers

  • Custody and Control forms (CCFs) pre-printed with your company’s account information Specimen shipping supplies including pre-addressed shipping labels  for overnight courier shipping of the specimen to your designated SAMHSA-certified lab

IHSN will order and ship the initial supply of testing materials to you or directly to your collection site(s). 

Collection Site Referral and Account Set-Up
Our Premier Service clients receive IHSN’s Collection Site Referral & Set-up Service. Locating and establishing collection and alcohol testing sites is critical to the success of your Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. Using our vast collection site database and collection site locator resources, we will locate collection sites in your designated testing areas and help you determine which sites best meet your unique service needs. We will then coordinate the set-up of your account at each chosen collection site by providing the site with detailed instructions concerning the establishment of your account, including: 


  • Your company name, address, phone numbers and authorized contacts

  • The names, addresses and phone numbers of your testing lab and MRO

  • Specimen shipping instructions

  • Instructions concerning how to order additional testing supplies,

  • Instructions concerning the disbursement of testing paperwork, and

  • Billing instructions

For DOT regulated employers IHSN will also obtain a certification form from the facility verifying that the site agrees to provide services in compliance with all applicable DOT regulations and agrees to provide copies of all required documentation, including training records, when requested by the employer or DOT agency.* We will also order and ship the initial supply of specimen collection materials to each collection site or if you prefer we will ship the supplies directly to you for distribution to your sites or employees. IHSN will also act as a liaison between the employer and the collection site on an ongoing basis.

*IHSN does not obtain copies of the training documentation for each collector or alcohol test technician.  IHSN obtains a certification form from the site that they agree to provide all services in compliance with DOT regulations including ensuring that all of their staff are trained according to DOT requirements.  If a DOT auditor requests the training information for a specific collector or alcohol technician, the employer is responsible for obtaining this documentation from each site location.

Random Selection Services
IHSN’s drug and alcohol random selection services are included at no extra charge for clients enrolled in our Premier Service Program. IHSN’s sophisticated computerized random selection service is designed to simplify the management and employee list maintenance duties of your random selection program. To help you keep your employee list up to date, each quarter IHSN sends you a reminder to submit changes to your employee list. Our easy to complete update forms or electronic submission procedures make updating your employee list quick and painless! 


Our random computer system automatically calculates the number of random selections required for the quarter and then selects the appropriate number of employees for random drug and/or alcohol testing. We also automatically select a percentage of alternates in addition to the primary selections. These alternates are provided for your convenience to be used in cases when the original employees selected are not available for testing due to termination, medical leave, etc. 

Premier Service Clients also receive the following additional random selection service and reporting benefits:

  • Premier Service clients are sent a progress report just prior to the end of each selection period detailing the status of the random drug testing for the current period. this report includes a summary of the number of selections made, the number of drug tests completed to date and the number of drug tests remaining to be completed for the selection period. This value added report is a timely management tool providing either a confirmation that you have completed all the required random drug testing for the period or a friendly reminder that you still have testing to complete before the period ends.

  • For Premier Service clients, our computer system tracks your drug tests as they enter our test results system and matches the selections made to the random tests you have completed. If a test enters our test results system labeled as a random test, but does not match a selection in our system, (i.e. the test was marked as a random, but is actually a different category of test, the SS# on the paperwork does not match the SS# in our data base, etc.) we automatically contact you to determine the cause of the discrepancy and then submit any necessary data changes to the MRO and testing laboratory. This process ensures that all of your random testing is properly completed and labeled so that your IHSN random progress and laboratory statistical reports will reflect the correct data.

  • Premier service clients who fail to complete their random testing by the end of the selection period are issued a notice of non-compliance (DOT regulated employers) or a notice of non-completion (Non-DOT regulated employers) each month until the testing as been completed.  These friendly reminders are designed to assist you in maintaining compliance with DOT regulations and/or company policy and serve as a gentle reminder that you still have outstanding tests that need to be completed. 


Our Premier random selection system makes managing your random selection program as easy as 1-2-3!

Split Sample Testing Services
DOT regulations require that all DOT drug screen collections be completed using the split sample collection method.  In short this collection method requires that the urine specimen be divided into two separate specimen bottles at the time of collection.  Both bottles are sealed and shipped to the laboratory.  However, only the primary bottle is originally tested.  If an employee's test result is verified as positive or refusal to test by the Medical Review Officer (MRO), the employee has the right to request that the second specimen bottle be shipped to a second certified testing laboratory for reanalysis.  IHSN's MRO automatically informs the DOT employee of this right during the donor interview process.  If the employee requests this specimen be re-tested, DOT regulations require our MRO Service Department to process this request immediately.  The fee for this test is billed to the employer. The employer may choose to collect re-imbursement from the employee if this is required by the employer's company policy. 

DOT Regulatory and Program Compliance Assistance
Premier Service clients receive assistance with DOT regulatory and program compliance questions and concerns for no additional charge. IHSN’s friendly, dedicated staff are extensively trained to provide answers to your regulatory and program compliance questions. Wading through and reading DOT regulations can often be confusing and time consuming. Our highly knowledgeable staff can quickly guide you through the rules to help you locate and understand the appropriate regulations and procedures.

Over-The-Road Collection Site Set-up Services 
Because it is not always possible or convenient to use your permanent collection sites for pre-employment, random or other testing, IHSN offers our Premier Service Clients our IHSN Over-the-Road Collection Site Set-Up Service. To use this service simply call us during regular office hours. We will locate a collection site in the requested area and make all the arrangements for the required testing. This service is a great tool for completing randoms on-the-road or pre-employment testing on applicants who live far distances from your place of business, saving you travel and lodging expenses when qualifying applicants.

Premier Specimen Status Tracking & Expedited Result Reporting
IHSN understands that drug test results cannot come too soon, your critical personnel decisions depend on them. If you are particularly anxious about the status of a pending test result simply call our offices. Our MRO staff will contact the lab to:


  1.  verify that the lab has received the specimen, 

  2.  determine the testing status of the specimen and, 

  3.  obtain an estimate of when the lab is expected to release the result to the MRO for review.

In addition to contacting the lab to verify the status of your test results, for Premier Service clients, our MRO staff will also contact your collection site to verify that the employee did complete the test, we will verify when the sample was shipped, and track the specimen with the courier service responsible for transporting the specimen to the testing laboratory. If you are particularly anxious about a specific result, for Premier Service clients, our MRO staff can also enter a "flag" in our computer system that will automatically notify the staff member the minute that specific result is received into our computer system. The result can then be flagged for "priority or emergency" processing to further expedite the MRO review and reporting process.

Expedited Correction of Custody and Control Form Errors
Let's face it -- collection site personnel are people.  People make mistakes.  Sooner or later, an error will be made on a custody and control form by one of your collection sites.  Most MRO's rely on the lab to correct these errors, which means that your specimen is placed on hold and sent to a correction department along with hundreds of other specimens requiring corrective action. This process can take several days to complete costing  you time and revenue.  What does it cost you to have a truck stand still or a job position vacant for two to three days while you wait for a test result? 


IHSN, on the other hand,  expedites the correction process by coordinating with the collector to correct the error.  Our MRO staff contacts the collector to inform him/her of the error, review the proper procedures to ensure that the error does not happen again, and obtain the necessary corrective paperwork. This involvement in the correction process to expedite the correction of custody and control form errors is not common practice for most MRO organizations. Our MRO Services Department is committed to going the extra mile ensuring you receive your test results as rapidly as possible.  This commitment to excellence speeds up the processing time for Custody and Control form errors saving you time and money.  


Regular Customer Service Account Reviews
IHSN regularly reviews our client accounts for compliance issues such as incomplete random testing or changes in testing activity that may indicate a service or compliance concern.   In these situations our friendly, dedicated staff will contact you to review your account with you.  This personalized service helps you identify and correct compliance issues before they become a problem.

Subscription to IHSNews
Our monthly newsletter, IHSNews keeps you up to date on changes in DOT regulations. IHSNews also provides regulation reviews, DOT interpretive guidance, procedure reviews, and articles on other drug and alcohol testing topics. One subscription to IHSNews is provided to each IHSN client as part of their service program. 

IHSN’s On-line Client Resource Center
Premier Service Clients are given access to our on-line Resource Center. This Resource Center located on IHSN’s web site provides access to:


  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations 

  • DOT Interpretive Guidance

  • Common Regulation Questions and Answers

  • Guidance for Making Post-Accident Testing Decisions

  • Program Management Tools

  • Past issues of IHSNews, and 

  • Links to Variety of useful DOT, Government and Industry Drug and Alcohol Testing Web Sites

Drug and/or Alcohol Free Workplace Policies

DOT Regulated Employers
Each DOT regulated employer is required to have a written drug and alcohol testing policy. Industrial Health Services Network, Inc. provides each employer regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations with a sample drug free workplace policy at no extra charge. This sample is designed to be used as a model for developing your drug and alcohol testing policy. IHSN recommends that you have a competent attorney review any new policy before adopting it as your company policy. 

Non-DOT Regulated Employers
It is recommended that any employer requiring employee drug and alcohol testing have a written drug and alcohol testing policy for their company. Because testing regulations vary from state to state, it is not possible for IHSN to provide a model policy that would comply with the laws of all 50 states. IHSN recommends that you engage the services of a competent attorney to develop a testing policy specific to your state law and individual company needs. 

Optional Services

Employee Information and Supervisor Training Programs
Employee Information and Supervisor Training Programs are key to maintaining an effective drug and alcohol testing program. It is essential that employees understand not only what is expected of them, but also what to expect when they submit to drug and alcohol testing. Our employee guide is packed with easy to read information and includes a certificate of receipt for your employee testing files. 

Supervisors play a crucial role in an effective drug and alcohol-testing program. More than anyone else, they are in a position to recognize changes in an employee’s job performance. Our supervisor-training guide gives your supervisors the tools they need to make reasonable suspicion determinations. This training guide is packed with valuable information and includes sample forms and a certificate of completion.

Both our employee and supervisor training guides are available in a Non-DOT or DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) version. 

Program Management & Resource Materials
Quality Program Management and Resource materials are essential to the maintenance of your drug and alcohol-testing program. IHSN offers quality program materials to make it easier for you to manage your testing program and maintain compliance with DOT regulations.


Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Referral Services
When an employee violates a program prohibition, IHSN can refer you to a qualified Substance Abuse Professional to meet the DOT’s referral and evaluation requirements. IHSN’s SAP Referral service includes locating an appropriate facility and certified personnel to perform the SAP evaluation according to DOT regulations.  IHSN provides the employer with a set of referral documents including the SAP’s contact information, a certification form, signed by the SAP, verifying the SAP has completed the proper training and holds the required license or certification. The employer is also provided with copies of the SAP’s license or certificate and proof of DOT training.

To receive a customized price quote for this service package, please call IHSN at 800-880-4444.

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