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What Can IHSN Do For Me?

IHSN is here to help you with your drug testing program.  Whether you are a motor carrier required to test under DOT regulations or a non-regulated employer looking to implement a company mandated drug testing program, we can help.


Drug Testing Programs
IHSN offers the following drug testing service packages: 


Premier Service Program 
IHSN’s Premier Service Program is a full  service model designed for employers who want a comprehensive solution for their drug and alcohol testing program needs. This service package is ideal for employers who want the assistance and experience of knowledgeable staff to coordinate their testing services and assist with the administration of their program. 


Small Fleet (Owner Operator) Program 
This program is designed especially to meet the needs of owner-operators and other small carriers employing just one or two drivers. DOT requires these size carriers to be enrolled in a consortium pool for random selections.  IHSN’s Small Fleet Program is designed to provide a comprehensive testing package including random consortium pooling, supervisor & driver education, record keeping materials and more.  This service program provides a complete turn-key compliance system for small companies at a fixed cost per year.


Random Selection Services Only Program 
This program is designed for clients who only need random selection services.  IHSN’s sophisticated computerized random selection service simplifies the management and employee list maintenance duties of your random selection program. 


Program Management Tools and Supervisor and Employee Training Programs
IHSN offers solutions to help you educate and train your supervisors. Our supervisor reasonable suspicion training, manuals prepare your supervisors to make workplace testing decisions.  IHSN also offers valuable training booklets that you can use to train and educate your employees.  


A Helping Hand
IHSN's philosophy of customer service is very simple:  To treat others as we expect to be treated.  We are dedicated to helping you  - from answering simple questions to assisting you with complex procedure and regulation questions. No matter what your question, we'll be here to help.


Newsletter service to keep you informed
All of IHSN's clients receive  IHSN's newsletter, "IHSNews".  Every month IHSNews will provide you with key information concerning your drug testing program, including regulation updates and testing reminders.  


24 hour access to our Clients Only Resource Center
This area of our website includes past copies of IHSNews, drug testing regulations, common questions and answers, interpretive guidance, post accident testing resources and more.


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