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Should I Test My Employees In A Tight Labor Market?

Good help is hard to find so why would you want to make it harder to find workers by drug testing applicants?  And why would you want to risk losing your current employees by testing them too?

Many companies ask this question, and rightfully so.  The answer, as we see it, is to always test -- regardless of the job market.  Here's why:  In a tight labor market, especially, you want to make sure that you're getting the best employees that you can.  The employees that you have working for you can make all the difference in the world.

Individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol will look for employment with companies who do not test.  So if your company does not test,, what kind of employees do you end up with?  Most likely, those who weren't able to secure a job elsewhere.  Do you want those types of individuals representing your business and interacting with your most valued asset:  your customer?Drug and alcohol testing programs help you attract and secure higher quality employees, rather than applicants who have been passed over by other businesses.

For smaller businesses in particular, one serious accident or one troubled employee can lead to a significant negative impact on your business.  The cost of one employee's alcohol or drug abuse problem can be devastating.  IHSN develops simple, effective drug testing programs that can help even the smallest employer protect themselves from the potential liabilities of substance abusing employees.

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