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What Are the Risks of Not Drug Testing?

How can you judge if your organization will benefit from a drug-free workplace program?  The following information can help you weigh the risks, costs, and benefits in relation to your own needs and resources.

What are the risks?
Consider for a moment a variety of scenarios in which a substance abuser might affect your workplace:

Do certain employees perform key functions of the organization?


  • Employees handling money

  • Technicians monitoring essential equipment such as computers, etc.

  • Sales or Customer Service agents representing the company

Do you have employees in "Safety Sensitive" jobs?


  • Driving vehicles

  • Operating machinery.

  • Managing a place of public entry, such as a security checkpoint.

Do you have employees in "Security Sensitive" jobs?

  • Responsible for inventory or stock.

  • Responsible for ideas, products, plans, and proprietary material.

  • Responsible for financial accounting or cash.

  • Responsible for confidential documents.


Can you afford to lose a valuable employee who is in trouble?

  • Will the loss of the employee affect this year's productivity and bottom line?

  • How much will it cost to recruit, hire, and train someone new?

  • What do you predict would happen to production and client satisfaction if an alcohol or other drug abuse problem goes unresolved?


For some employers, one accident, one major financial problem, or one breach of confidentiality can place the entire operation in jeopardy.  If someone in your workforce is not fit to perform his or her job because of alcohol or other drug abuse, the risks may be significant. 


IHSN helps employers reduce these risks by providing drug and alcohol testing programs that lessen the employer's exposure to risks from substance abuse.  We're here to help you.  If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 880-4444. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you get your program started today!


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