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Non-DOT Testing Services

Non-DOT Testing
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Roofers at Work

IHSN provides testing services for many employers who have chosen to implement testing programs for their companies. We currently service a wide variety of employers such as manufacturers, construction firms, municipalities, agricultural businesses, service organizations, retail stores, small businesses and many more.


Program Features:
  • Drug Testing Services

  • Medical Review Officer Services (MRO)

  • Specimen Collection Services 

  • Alcohol Testing Services

  • Collection Site Set-Up & Coordination

  • Specimen Collection Supplies (shipped to you or to your designated collection sites)

  • Random Pooling & Random Selection Services

  • Subscription to IHSNews, our monthly newsletter

  • Access to our On-Line Compliance & Resource Center

  • Regular Customer Service Account Reviews

  • Rapid Result Reporting

  • A copy of our IHSN Services Guide Binder (Provides introduction to our services, common questions & answers, documentation of your program service providers, Program Management Resources, tabbed sections for you to store your service contract and copies of our monthly newsletter)

Optional Services & Program Materials:

  • Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training Guide

  • Employee Education Materials

  • Post Accident Test Supplies 

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