DOT Testing Services

DOT Testing

IHSN specializes in providing drug and alcohol testing programs for Motor Carriers regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Whether you are an Owner-Operator, establishing your first DOT drug and alcohol testing program, or an experienced safety professional,  IHSN has you covered. 


Program Features:
  • Laboratory Drug Testing Services

  • Medical Review Officer Services (MRO)

  • Urine Specimen Collection Services 

  • Alcohol Testing Services

  • Collection Site Set-Up & Coordination

  • Specimen Collection Supplies (shipped to you or to your designated collection sites)

  • Random Pooling & Random Selection Services

  • Certification Letter Documenting Program Membership

  • FMCSA Sample Policy/Policy Template

  • Subscription to IHSNews, our monthly newsletter

  • Access to our On-Line Compliance & Resource Center

  • Access to IHSN staff for Regulatory & Program Compliance Assistance

  • Regular Customer Service Account Reviews

  • Rapid Result Reporting

  • A copy of our IHSN Services Guide Binder (Provides introduction to our services, common questions & answers, documentation of your program service providers, Program Management Resources, Company Policy Sample/Template, Tabbed sections for you to store your service contract and copies of our monthly newsletter)

Optional Services & Program Materials:

  • Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training Guide

  • Driver Education Materials

  • Sample Forms & Checklists for Record-keeping

  • DOT Part 40 and Part 382 Testing Regulation Books

  • Post Accident Cab Pack Test Kits (to keep aboard your vehicles for emergency testing)

  • Substance Abuse Professional Referral Services

  • Over-The-Road Collection Site Set-up Services

Owner-Operator Program

Our Owner-Operator/Small Fleet program is the best in the industry.  Our comprehensive program includes much more than just drug testing.  Click below for more information or to receive a customized quote for this service package, please call IHSN at 800-880-4444.

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Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm (Central Time)

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