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DOT Testing Services

DOT Testing
Delivery Trucks
School Bus

IHSN specializes in providing drug and alcohol testing programs for Motor Carriers regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Whether you are an Owner-Operator, establishing your first DOT drug and alcohol testing program, or an experienced safety professional,  IHSN has you covered. 


Program Features:
  • Laboratory Drug Testing Services

  • Medical Review Officer Services (MRO)

  • Urine Specimen Collection Services 

  • Alcohol Testing Services

  • Collection Site Set-Up & Coordination

  • Specimen Collection Supplies (shipped to you or to your designated collection sites)

  • Random Pooling & Random Selection Services

  • Certification Letter Documenting Program Membership

  • FMCSA Sample Policy/Policy Template

  • Subscription to IHSNews, our monthly newsletter

  • Access to our On-Line Compliance & Resource Center

  • Access to IHSN staff for Regulatory & Program Compliance Assistance

  • Regular Customer Service Account Reviews

  • Rapid Result Reporting

  • A copy of our IHSN Services Guide Binder (Provides introduction to our services, common questions & answers, documentation of your program service providers, Program Management Resources, Company Policy Sample/Template, Tabbed sections for you to store your service contract and copies of our monthly newsletter)

Program Materials (Included at No Extra Cost):

  • Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training Guide

  • Driver Education Materials

  • Sample Forms & Checklists for Record-keeping

  • FMCSA Sample Policy/Policy Template

  • DOT Part 40 and Part 382 Testing Regulation Books

  • Post Accident Test Supplies (to keep aboard your vehicles for emergency testing)

Optional Services:

  • Substance Abuse Professional Referral Services

  • Over-The-Road Collection Site Set-up Services

Owner-Operator Program
Fleet of Trucks

Our comprehensive Owner-Operator/Small Fleet program includes much more than just drug testing.  Click below for more information or to receive a customized quote for this service package, please call IHSN at    800-880-4444.

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