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IHSN Training Resources
IHSN offers training materials to help you educate your program manager, supervisors, and individual employees.  These user friendly materials are packed with valuable information and are designed to help you manage your program smoothly and efficiently.   

For Program Administrators and Supervisors:
Whether this is your first drug testing program, or whether you are a veteran program manager,  IHSN's  supervisor's guide will assist you when making reasonable suspicion testing decisions.

IHSN's Supervisor's Reasonable Suspicion Training Guide
This manual is designed to provide your supervisors with guidance concerning the physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators of drug and alcohol abuse. This manual also provides guidance concerning how to approach employees when reasonable suspicion testing is required and how to document the request for testing. This guide is designed to meet the supervisor training requirements of 382.603 and is also available in a Non-DOT version.

For Employees:
DOT Employers are required to educate their employees concerning the effects of alcohol and other drug abuse as well as the testing requirements mandated by the DOT.  It is also recommended that Non-DOT regulated employers provide educational information to their employees concerning the health and safety effects of drug and alcohol use as well as information about drug and alcohol testing procedures.  The following training materials are designed to meet these training and education needs.

IHSN Driver's Guide to the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Testing Rules (For FMCSA covered employees)
This booklet is designed to educate your drivers about the dangers and health effects of the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. This booklet meets the requirements of part 382.601(b) and is designed to be distributed to each of your drivers along with a copy of your company’s written drug and alcohol policy.

Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Information Guide (For Non-DOT regulated employees)
This booklet is designed to: 1)  educate your employees about the dangers and health effects of the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol, 2) explain what to expect when taking a drug or alcohol test, and 3) explain the safety and cost benefits of company drug testing for both the employer and employee.

You do not need to be enrolled in one of IHSN's service programs to order the training materials above.  If you are interested in ordering any of these materials, call us at (800) 880-4444 and we will be happy to assist you.