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SAMHSA Certified Laboratory Services

Superior Quality SAMHSA Laboratory Services
A SAMHSA certified lab is a SAMHSA certified lab right? WRONG! Just because a lab is SAMHSA certified does not mean that they provide the highest level of service to their clients. Unlike other program services providers that will work with any SAMHSA certified lab, IHSN only works with those SAMHSA certified labs who are dedicated to providing efficient turn around time on results, use the most technologically advanced systems and provide the highest level of customer service. This results in a higher quality and more efficient testing program for you!

Laboratory Account Set-up
We take the confusion and hassle out of setting up your testing program by taking care of establishing your account with the designated testing laboratory. We also automatically establish your MRO account and set-up your collection sites. Our trained, professional staff take care of all the details of your account set-up making your program implementation a breeze.

Next Day Results on Negative Specimens
As long as the collector ships the urine specimen from the collection site the same day it was collected, the lab will receive the specimen the following morning via overnight courier service.  You can generally expect to receive negative test results the afternoon following collection.

Positive Laboratory Results Confirmed by GC/MS
All test results that are reported to the MRO by the lab as positive have been confirmed by GC/MS. GC/MS is a sophisticated testing process called Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry. This highly accurate testing process acts as a "fingerprint" test for various drugs.  If the "fingerprint" in a urine sample matches the "fingerprint" of a known illicit substance, then the confirmation test is considered positive. 

This precise testing process is required for all DOT tests.  IHSN also uses this same confirmation  testing process for our Non-DOT testing in order to ensure the accuracy and legal defensibility of your testing program.