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Collection Site Services
Unlike other service providers who require you to choose from a limited set of pre-determined collection sites, IHSN’s "hometown" approach to collection services lets you choose any knowledgeable collection facility in the area where sites are needed.

Clients who enroll in our Premier and Small Fleet Service Programs receive IHSN’s Collection Site Locator & Set-up Service. Locating and establishing collection and alcohol testing sites is critical to the success of your Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. Using our vast collection site database and collection site locator resources, we will locate collection sites in your designated testing areas and help you determine which sites best meet your unique service needs. We will then coordinate the set-up of your account at each chosen collection site by providing the site with detailed instructions concerning the establishment of your account, including: 

  • Your company name, address, phone numbers and authorized contacts

  • The names, addresses and phone numbers of your testing lab and MRO

  • Specimen shipping instructions

  • Instructions concerning how to order additional testing supplies,

  • Instructions concerning the disbursement of testing paperwork, and 

  • Billing instructions

We will also order and ship the initial supply of specimen collection materials to each collection site or if you prefer we will ship the supplies directly to you for distribution to your sites or employees.